Our approach to any clinical work is guided by the following basic strategies:

Our expertise is what sets us apart from others. Drug development, especially clinical development, involves a network of complex and interconnected pathways and processes regulated by a vast array of rules and guidelines set forth by legislators. EBS CRO will help you navigate this labyrinth, eliminating roadblocks to ensure your clinical trial proceeds in a time and cost-efficient manner. We aim to assist and support clients from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in achieving their goals in all phases of clinical product development.

Understanding the science

Evaluating study design

Reducing cost through process optimization and timeline harmonization

Increasing added value by building in early indications, resource efficient solutions

To achieve these strategies, EBS CRO:

Provides high-quality, integrated, and customized expertise

Highly standardizes its management process through its proprietary programs

Prepares innovative product development plans and implements highly effective regulatory strategies

Provides experienced and detail-oriented staff

Uses its own software solutions, to provide the best and most efficient service possible

EBS CRO has substantial experience in numerous indications, but our expertise is the most significant in the following fields:



Respiratory disorders

Respiratory disorders



Infectious diseases

Autoimmune disorders

Pediatric studies.

Over the last 20 years, EBS CRO has established itself as a prominent expert CRO in various indications such as oncology, neurology, cardiology, and others

In addition to our expertise in IMP clinical trials, we have gained considerable experience in the medical device clinical trials, especially in the field of cardiology and orthopedics.
We firmly believe that a proper scientific and medical understanding of investigational products as well as extensive local knowledge is key to the successful conduct of clinical trials. Our scientific approach and knowledge attract sponsors and investigators, making us particularly well-suited to successfully conduct complex and difficult-to-recruit clinical trials. We have led a number of projects from Proof of Concept through Phase III trials, and a substantial portion of our revenue comes from repeat business

We have strategically located our office and staff to ensure ready access to our network of proven investigators and subject matter experts in the studied indications.

This has provided us with a clear understanding of the regulatory and ethics requirements unique to the region we operate in.
EBS CRO delivers studies efficiently by understanding the specifics of the project, indication, and population in detail and tailoring the geographic spread of a study accordingly. With us, you can reach specific region of Serbia and neighboring countries, and our ability to deliver a study on time and with high quality is key to the success of our clients' projects.
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